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About the Book

Inappropriate: It’s Time to Value our Treasure Before We Trash our Value

Inappropriate is an appeal to the church in the West to consider why there always seems to be something missing. The church has the tendency to swing like a pendulum from one program to the next in search of the right one, while the world is waiting for something of substance to capture their souls. Are we willing to admit that we have veered from God’s original plan? Jesus said that He would build His church, one that is substantial and defiant against evil and unrighteousness, one that is fruitful, effective, and attractive—one that offers lasting peace and joy to those who come alongside Him to be His construction assistants.

When Jewish and Gentile believers first united, the church became rooted and began to develop according to the eternal purpose of God. Sadly, things changed and the ancient enmity returned. This book explores the history of separation that has caused untold damage and tarnished the name of Jesus. Inappropriate dives into many passages of scripture, which have been often overlooked, in order to reclaim our place of blessing. God will not be vindicated until we again walk on His path of redemption together. Anything else is simply inappropriate.

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